07 March 2007

New Look

The Superficiel blog's archives went raw html code for some reason so as I looked inside the template to get the problem, I decided to change it altogether and republish the blog with an airier, bolder look, until we move to another blog editor.
Also, it's been some time that we're thinking of giving the entire Superficiel site a new look, if not a new navigation system.
For a while, we thought the homepage could actually be the blog itself but that would be like giving in to the fashion.
We're aware the Superficiel content access mode was never super-intuitive, although the idea behind it was the quickest possible access to an art piece - and I think that it was right to try that way when we started but after nearly 7 years of existence, it might be time to change without betraying the original ideas: most of the content at the surface (no hierarchy, no menu depth or no more than 2 clicks to get where you want to go), a new homepage each time there's a new feature and a sense of minimal/raw design to let the interactive features be the meat of the experience. We agreed though that a bit of contextualization of the works put in words wouldn't harm anyone. Since there's a great diversity of works displayed, and we refuse to put them in a scale of value, maybe it's a good idea for each to tell the user its story or the incitment behind it.

In 7 years of experience, Superficiel saw the world of the net-art evolve and each original member had their interests shift: Enrico got seriously deep into typography for the best of this art, Ulf perfected his brilliant designer's skills to make it look like it's spreading soft butter on a delicious toast, Raphael went over to Ivrea to discover himself's an interaction designer with a starred destiny in Berlin. As for me, between Nofrontiere, Hyptique and the Media Lab, I opened my eyes to the world of "(to infinity...and )beyond-the-screen". So I guess the net-art raison d'être was a bit overlooked in the last years. Thankfully, we got many guests who fed the site some of the nicest bones to munch on.
Actually, I guess Superficiel was never about net-art but rather about making a statement about the creative process: we would indeed show net-art works but also works that are in general feeding our constant quest for experiences.

The new look is in its progress: stay tuned on the blog to hear about the change!


Hi Joelle, remember me? Gentiane French girl working with Carson at the University of Tokyo... since then I've been trying to read your posts... and must admit that with your new design it makes it easier for me for I can retrieve the post directly on the RSS reader of thunderbird and don't get the html coding or whatever instead! How your plan of exhibition in Asakusa going on?
Hope to see you soon in Tokyo
Hello Gentiane,

I do remember you, of course! I hope all is good for you in Tokyo and that the project with Carson is going well.
Thanks for your feedback on the new blog template. The other one was causing problem indeed but I didn't know to which extent. So it's very useful to let us know that it's better now.
The plan of exhibition in Asakusa is still on, although we have many technical problems to solve before. Hopefully, it'll be ready in time. And I look forward to have you at the opening!


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