13 July 2006


I finally took the time to compress a sample of my collage I Want You (But I Can't) so I could put it online.
I had the choice of a long sample with a bad quality or a short sample with an OK quality. And I chose the latter.
It's approx. the first 2 minutes of the movie which lasts 27mns in total - so only 2 movies (hence 2 masculine icons + 1 who's singing) are featured here.
Not sure it makes sense to have it this way - I think it's really made to be seen in its full duration and preferably with a good sound quality + full screen but hopefully, it's interesting enough it would make you want to see a bit more of it.
The texts in the collage are usually short sentences punctuating the cuts - I chose some times to express myself in English, and other times in French. So I left the French texts in the sample. Hopefully they are brief enough that they can be understood anyway.

-- Joëlle

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