08 July 2006

Just a picture

While browsing on the web, I came across this picture and I just love it. The person at the front is Tony Alva, huge figure of the skateboarding history. I rented recently the movie "Lords of Dogtown" which tells his story and that of his friends in the late 70s. It's quite entertaining and well directed. Among the lead characters, I recognized 2 young actors I've seen more or less recently in marking movies. Tony Alva is actually played by Victor Rasuk, who was brilliant in the refreshingly anti-Larry Clark feature, "Raising Victor Vargas" and Stacy Peralta is played by John Robinson, the blondest hair since Jean Harlow, from "Elephant".
This picture is fascinating because it shows a certain essence of the punk surf californian attitude.

-- Joëlle.

i love tony alva...and the movie lordz of dogtown was great!
'Dogtown and z-boys' is far better!
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