05 July 2006

Do you know "how-to"?

On the Google homepage you make your own, all kind of news, along with the last items from your Gmail inbox, can welcome your visit to the search engine service. Mine for instance features selected headlines from the BBC, the New York Times, Wired and Slashdot. The most recent feature I discovered though is as playful as informative (in french, "un bon passe-temps"): it's the wikihow.
So regularly, I check the couple how-tos of the day: "how to retire in your 30s", "how to survive in the woods for 3 days", "how to clean a laptop screen with household products", or even "how to do nothing" and many other useful tips like this.
The how-to of today found a resonance in me because it's the ultimate phobia (up there with being cast away in a deserted island or taken hostage by not so kind people): the prison. In their tips about "how to deal with being in prison", I particularly appreciate this note: "Avoid drug use in prison. Drugs use while providing a temporary escape will lead to other problems."
So wise, so true.

-- Joëlle.

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