03 July 2005


Recently, celebrating the 100 years birthdays, the BFI and the AFI have released top 100s-lists of best movies, best actors, best scores, etc... Channel Four and Time magazine issued some lists as well. It's very much in trend with the lists that are published every now and then by movie magazines like Premiere and so on.
Of course, I never completly agree with the final results. For instance, I don't understand why Humphrey Bogart should be the best actor ever - he's almost always playing the same role, and his cold way of approaching his characters isn't very nuanced... In the same line, I don't get this obsessive admiration for the movie 'Casablanca'. I never felt a great chemistry between Bogart and Bergman whenever I watched the movie. In the genre of love story meets spy movie, 'Notorious' with Bergman as well but leading with Cary Grant, is far more intense, emotional and disturbing than Casablanca will ever be.
Another cliché I like to mention often is 'Singin' in the rain' as best musical ever. Are people kidding here? I mean it's very bright and funny and entertaining and Debbie Reynolds is cute and all. But c'mon, guys! Have you ever seen 'The Bandwagon'? THIS is the best musical ever. It's Hollywood at its best, the jewel of entertainment, class and chemistry on stage. If you really want to be blown out by a movie by Stanley Donen (who directed 'Singin' in the rain') then go for 'Two for the road', where he demonstrates his ability to master narration and his sense for sensibilities.
So, anyway, because I will never be able to decide what is my favorite movie ever, or who's my favorite actress of all time, I'd rather list some of my favorite movie moments. Those that have made me cry over and over again, or laugh, or thrill or dream or think when the theatre puts the lights back on.

*BEST DEATH - Peter Sellers in The Party (don't worry, no spoilers here)
*BEST COUPLE ARGUMENT - Audrey Hepburn and Albert Finney in Two for the Road
*BEST TRACKSHOT - Denis Lavant in Mauvais Sang
*BEST FIGHT - Harvey Keitel and Keith Carradine in The Duellists
*BEST SEQUEL (a.k.a better than the first) - Batman Returns and while we're at it *BEST BATMAN - Michael Keaton
*BEST LONESOME BLUES - Fred Astaire in The Bandwagon
*BEST USE OF COLOR - A Matter of Life and Death
*BEST FUNERAL - Imitation of Life
*BEST TEARJECKER - Imitation of Life
*BEST GAY MOVIE - Torch Song Trilogy
*BEST MOVIE AGAINST DEATH PENALTY - Porte Aperte and Twelve Angry Men
*BEST PARODY - Body Double (of Rear Window)
*BEST ROMANTIC FINALE - An Officer and a Gentleman
*BEST NARRATIVE USE OF MUSIC - All movies by Wes Anderson
*BEST ARROGANCE - Errol Flynn in Gentleman Jim
*BEST MISTAKE - Frank Sinatra in Some Came Running
*BEST FRUSTRATED LOVE - Trevor Howard and Celia Jonhson in Brief Encounter
*BEST RELIEF - Joan Fontaine in Rebecca
*BEST VISION - Christopher Walken in Dead Zone
*BEST IMPULSION - Pierre Fresnay in Marius
*BEST SURPRISE - James Steward in Who Shot Liberty Valence?
*BEST REDEMPTION - Dean Martin in Rio Bravo
*BEST STANDING OVATION - for Gregory Peck in To Kill a Mockingbird
*BEST SURVIVOR - Vivien Leigh in Gone With The Wind

I could go on but those are the ones I thought about just now. You're welcome to comment and post best movie moments as well!

-- Joëlle.

For me, Christian Bale = Best Batman!
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