21 October 2004

In Pursuit of Happiness

Yesterday evening, I attended my first pop concert in a long time - honestly can't even remember when was the last time. It was also the first amazing music performance in forever. When was the last time I actually stood there and asked for more songs? After 2h30 and more of performance?

Yesterday I couldn't have enough of Neil Hannon. You know, Divine Comedy...

It was like a pure shoot of happiness, injected by a perfect combination of one voice, beautiful melodies, and 3 instruments: a guitar, a bass and an accordeon - sometimes, a keyboard, of course. I was transported - my ability of getting enthusiastic for a pop song well played still working.

At occasions, I could remember myself drinking a tea at Sophie's place in the 13th district or in this car with Madjid, Nicolas, Alain and Lisa on our way to Normandy. 'Promenade' was playing continuously and we'd try to recognize all the authors mentioned in 'The Booklovers'. I copied the Audrey Hepburn intro on the answering machine as my message. And when I travelled to Venice later, I couldn't think but of 'Something for the weekend' or 'Becoming like Alfie' as the glamourous quintessence of my trip.

On stage, Neil Hannon wasn't lacking very fine humour either. He teased the thirsty audience with a pint of Guinness that he would drink very carefully. Consequently after the show, Tomoko and I rushed to a pub where I ordered my first glass of the black stuff ever. Consequently too, Neil Hannon is known to me henceforth as the first man who 'talked' me into drinking a full glass of Guinness, two years and a half after I started to live in Dublin... What a groupie I'm making! I lost my Guinness virginity to a divine comedy....

-- Joëlle

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