27 August 2004


Le Monde has published an amazing interview of Jacques Derrida (in French).
The philosopher exposes thoughts on death and the notion of "surviving" or the "unconditional assertion of life" where unhappy moments are to be loved, like happy moments, except that the thought of happy moments includes the idea of death for they are ended when thought about. Also, he explains why he doesn't want to compromise with the complexity of language and with the elaborate formulation of idea. To some extent, it is strongly related to the process of writing and communicating a thought: I talked about it later with Arianna. How does one write about complexity in a language that looks at ease with words without compromising with simplification? I have always struggled with assembling words, now more than ever because I express myself in a language that is not my mother tongue. In that sense, the regular exercise of the blog is beneficial - but expanding my vocabulary in English is a long term process. And it doesn't ease my relationship with French. I can hardly communicate about work in French anymore, with Céline for instance. All those terms that are so English! How does one translate "mediated" or "empowered"? I find it hard to present "RAW" to a French crowd. Yet, I feel lucky. Because I have many ways to express myself, two languages for many different feelings, thoughts, observations.


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