12 May 2010

The blow of graphic ads

Spotted in Paris's subway station Strasbourg St-Denis : a very graphic ad for Leader Price (a hard discount chain). It seemed to me very random as I haven't seen the poster anywhere else, and the company hasn't launched any ad campaign these days that I know of. I'm not even mentioning how it doesn't really fit their image. Which is why I was really happy to come across it. It's daring and refreshing... (usually hard discount ads are about cheap background and font colors, with products and prices thrown to your face).


Unknown said...

Someone's riffing on Pierre Fix-Masseau albeit with a different font.

Madjid Ben Chikh said...

Interesting... 4 years ago, they were removing LP products from the shelves and LP supermarkets were replaced by Franprix... For sure now, the LP brand is back, as well as unemployement and poverty.
You should go to Aulnay or Ivry; maybe the same graphics have been used for the even sheaper Lidl...
Anyway, nice graphics, the real face of our time : who said being poor meant being ugly ?
Thanks for sharing this shot from my "homestation".