02 September 2009

Another misuse of font

Verdana for Print? Who's responsible?? Call the polices' police!!
Yet Ikea did it..

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Madjid Ben Chikh said...

Thanks for posting about this.
I am gonna shock some people, maybe, but I support this change!
In time of crisis, make it simple, go back to basis. Verdana is the minimal minimum you can do : it is readable, with no style, which means you can start thinking about the future without having your heavy 90's/millenium/00's shoulders made of bubble, brands and over paid lasy designers just busy to duplicate what people expect eternaly to make sure they will sell their stuff. I have seen for example and bag designer showing a kind of overseen bag but, on his opinion, no glamour so the client could keep it for life... Just expensive crap!
Designers have an historical opportunity to start from nothing with this crisis.
In time of crisis, Ikea sells shelves. Point.
I have the catalog at home and I can not see any difference in the stuff. The comments of these complaining designers are just ridiculous, as I am quiet sure the most famous of them have not even entered an IKEA for years...

So, Verdana, why not?