26 September 2007

Portrait, Instored

My work is featured in the magazine SVM MAC this month, on a 4-page focus, including a portrait written after interview by the journalist Laurence Beauvais, and 3 pages of visuals. In addition, the visual that served as a basis for the "Abstract" exhibition's flyer opens the creative section of the magazine in a full page. I'm rather pleased about this opportunity of publicity. The portrait is nicely written, almost too flattering actually and it's not easy to project myself onto it, yet it shan't come in the way of my rejoicing. I expect the interview to be available online next month.


Anonymous said...

Hey felicitation pour avoir un grand article sur toi dans SVM mac... Bravo!

cati said...

genial! je voulais lire l'article mais je peux pas lire le texte de tes images... peux tu m'envoyer les scans?

Joëlle said...

bientôt, bientôt..
je ne les ai pas non plus pour l'instant... ;-)


Joëlle said...
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