08 May 2007

And Now... For Something Completely Different

So now that we have our own Bush/Berlusconi/Aznar mix, we can finally concentrate on not repenting ourselves, on being healthy and in shape, on being beautiful, on learning strictly market-useful knowledge, on having high morals, and on respecting the law and order. I'm so excited to join the world where I will know the difference between the good and the evil, the beautiful and the ugly, the true and the wrong. I personally can't wait.
Also, I can't wait to work more to earn more. I'm surely not working enough because I don't earn a lot of money. Really I need to understand how to do it. I mean I work about 7 days a week, and I wake-up turning on my computer. And I also go to sleep with it. Well, of course, I know it doesn't count when my computer plays music or a movie. But really I try to keep the distractions as occasional as possible. I know what I'll do. I'll stop going on vacations and I'll stop meeting up my friends for drinks or for dinners. I'll stop going to exhibitions where there's anyway only ugly art exhibited, and I'll stop taking singing lessons because we all know I can't do a business out of it. Shall I keep yoga though? I was advised by my new president that sport is good for me. But wait, if I have to work more, when will I find the time? Maybe I should sleep less too and stop making love 'cos well, it's time taken away from my computer. It'll be hard to explain to my boyfriend that I can't see him as often because of my work but I'm sure he'll understand. And if not, well, that's OK cos I have my work to hang out with.
I'm so glad I don't have children because I'd have to explain to them why I have to stop spending time with them because I have to work more to earn more.
I'm convinced now: I want to live to work. That's my goal for my life. To live to work. Isn't there a more beautiful purpose, a stronger accomplishment, a higher ambition than that? To work, to make money? No certainly there can't be.
Thanks Mr Sarkozy to have taught me the real values of life.


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