16 January 2007

And then there was Light!

Finally, we're launching the Dorkbot event in Paris. It was about time!
There are a lot of initiatives in France around electronic art and interaction design but we hardly know each other. It's like there's one network here, one network there, and no bridges between them.
I hope this event is a possible way to bring people together if only to put a face on a name that we're aware of.
So if you're in Paris on the 24th of January, come around... If not, there'll be surely other opportunities to join doing strange things with electricity. From then on, we'll probably do a Dorkbot event every 2 months or every month depending on the working forces.
In a next post, I'll try to list most of the actors involved around electronic art in France and their network to draw a map of what's going on in this lovely country.


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