18 September 2006


It took me about a week to recover from my trip in Israel then 2 more weeks to find the time to put my photographs together. Not just my recent vacations' pictures but this past year's ones as well...
I selected some of them and displayed them in 2 different albums - the whole set is called "Summer to Summer", that is summer 2005 to summer 2006. I thought I hadn't traveled much in that timeframe but those picts show something different. Many travels, although not quite with the same mood as the one from the year before. In the second half of 2005 I was still digesting my drastic change of life, from the closure to the lab to my decision to remain in Paris for a while. The first half of 2006 opened with a new take on my surrounding world, a growing unstable excitement at my new life.
And now that I'm on the edge of jumping into new adventures again, I thought it was time for a quick look back.
I leave you those pictures without much comments, hoping they can speak for themselves:
Summer to Summer - Part 1
Summer to Summer - Part 2

-- Joëlle

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Anonymous said...

Pictures of "Roucas Blanc" make me think of Eggleston's latest series about Dunkerque. For the love of Color !