29 June 2006

This is a Mac's world

In March 2003, while working at the Media Lab, I got a laptop from the brand new generation of PowerBook G4 Titanium - it was a cute 12'', 867Mhz.
I think I had to replace the battery fairly quickly, maybe one month after I started using it.
Later, another problem started, the screen would stop working, randomly. I would use the computer and then oops, total black screen as it was shut down, except the computer was on..
I never got to send it to repair for that problem until months later (the admin staff never saw it happen) when the DVD drive wouldn't eject a Friends DVD I rented (and of course there was no emergency eject function on the 12''). So, the computer is sent away and returned to me with a new drive. But they didn't fix the screen problem.
Few months later, the plug got dysfunctional and had to be replaced. The screen problem got worse to the point that the screen would not "light up" when started. I had to try few times. I sent it again to repair. And still, they couldn't fix it. Still didn't see the problem happen. I was like somebody must not take me seriously around here.
The lab closed down on January 2005 and I bought the computer back from them for 550 euros. Why?? some would ask - well, with all the problems, I still needed a laptop - and I didn't want to buy a new one right away. So in the meantime, I kept this one. But of course not without purchasing yet again a new battery.
A year and a half later, I probably have to try starting my computer 5 to 6 times on average (up to 10/11 once or twice) before I can get the screen. A friend recommend a good repair service near Paris, quick, with honest prices and friendly.
Went there this morning. In about half an hour, the guy figured out that it was the memory stick (the 256mb original one) that was causing the problem. It was faulted.
So it made me think that out of the original PowerBook I got, within 3 years I had to replace: the battery (twice), the DVD drive, the plug and now the memory stick. Basically, I got the crapiest computer that came out of their factory ever.
Cos believe me, I do take care of my stuff - it's not like I took the computer with me on a merry-go-round and crashed it under a wooden horse.
So now I'm thinking next year I'll need a new laptop for sure. But I'm wondering how Apple with its super crap iMovie/iLife whatever software, its iTunes proprietary music formats, its "mug me I have an iPod" campaigns, its "my designs will always be better than your user-experiences" statements is going to convince me to get on board with the MacBook pro. I mean, haven't they realised that at this stage it's because Windows is worse and not because they're better that they can get on like that?

-- Joëlle.


Anonymous said...

come on Joelle, you are probably extremely angry right now, but the positive conclusion of your experience is that your next experience with a mac will be BETTER ! Since the rule is that they don't give you twice the worst computer from the factory, they switch people. I probably managed to get some of the best computers out of their factory, and I'm not really precautionous (?) with these metal books :)
Here are some good vibes for your next delivery : ###

Joëlle said...

Guyom, the voice of peace. And as the repair guy, Denis, was saying: it's better it's the memory stick than the motherboard!
Your wise vibe worked well..