09 December 2005

Turner Prize to Simon Starling

It is not without pride that I would like to draw attention to Simon Starling, the conceptual (so-to-speak) artist that has won the Turner Prize this year. I discovered his work only a few months earlier, i have to admit, during the Basel 2005 Art Fair when it had an amazing retrospective, "CUTTINGS", held in Basel's museum of modern art, but he immediately entered my top 5.

In the "shedboatshed" project, exhibited in Basel, he finds an old wooden cabin along the Rhine a few kms upstream from Basel, tears the cabin down and makes an old fashioned boat out of the wood. He then travels down with any extra wood on the river down to the Kunstmuseum, where he decontructs the boat to rebuild the original cabin.

Simon Starling's work is about forms of energy, fighting entropy, transformations. Love it while you can.

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