08 December 2005

The place we are

Ulf (co-founder of Superficiel) doesn't write in this blog (because he still doesn't feel like it) but I couldn't resist to quote something he said today (with his approval): "personality is one thing, geography another".
As always, Ulf was a great inspiration and therefore I, hereby, declare the creation of a new concept: "Geopersonality" (the search of the word didn't match any document on Google - does it mean it doesn't exist?)
Definition: singular noun
1. The study of the relationship among personality and geography, especially with respect to the foreign policy of a person.
2. A combination of geographic and private factors relating to or influencing a person.

Alright, this definition is a bit flawed because it was kinda modeled after the one for "geopolitics" on answers.com but it's a start and it works pretty well for now, doesn't it?
But most importantly, the question is: What Geoperson Are You?


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Austin of Sundrip said...

I like this concept. I'll have to find out more about it to be able to answer the question but I have to give you guys credit for coming up with it. I'm impressed.