09 November 2005

A fruitful French-American chat session

Some evenings ago, I was chatting with Steven. At some point, we ended up wondering if Sumos could have sex or if their lifestyle implied that they abstain from it, like monks (because they're so sacred and iconic blabla). Can't really remember how we got to that point (something to do with Las Vegas... obviously). But anyway, sometimes, it feels good to wonder such questions. Especially when you come across a really cool website after you searched "Can Sumos have sex?" on Google. This website provides all kind of news on Japan, posted by all kind of people and categories are ranging from the addictive "Arts/Culture" to the informative "Stock Market". Two of my favorite sections are "Not exactly news but it’s news to me" and the one that reaches in Japan the high essence of its meaning, that is of course: "Pop culture". On top of that, news.3yen.com is actually the tip of a web iceberg: in front of .3yen.com, you can replace "news" by "everyday", "cinema", "work", "anime", "food", "fashion", "travel" or dozens of other keywords and find countless precious information related to your necessary topic.
Finally, as you might have noticed from one of the previous links, apparently Sumos DO have sex... Now, to know if they enjoy it it's another matter... For that, you have to check an Israeli website found in the same Google search... [Yet, in all fairness you should know that this published statement has its convincing contradictor and I think it's absolutely beautiful to see that the Internet allows people to always find a way to publish a public disagreement].

-- Joëlle

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Anonymous said...

Great post!

"Now, to know if they enjoy [sex] it's another matter.." According to the article, "Basically, a top-ranked sumo wrestler can point to any women they want for sex—it’s their right."

From that, I'd say they enjoy sex very much.