09 April 2005

A proposal

Recently, I've been working on a proposal for the DICREAM, a French agency that helps the production of mutimedia projects. I would like to develop the Passages project that was prototyped at Media Lab Europe. I really love this project and I would be very happy to see it installed, especially after all these years that the theme of urban passages has filtered my work.

So this is yet ANOTHER proposal. From this Monday, I should get the answer in about 6 - 8 weeks. And this is how my life epitomizes these days: writing and waiting, and also meeting and presenting and emailing and calling.

About one or two days per week, I get so frustrated and impatient that I think of giving it all up. That's when meditation gets very useful, or at least in my case just becoming aware of my priviledged situation, that I share for better or worse with many of my super talented friends and peers all over the world.

-- Joëlle.

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