09 October 2004

Living in Tel-Aviv. Week 1.

Life seems ordinary, even after the Sinaï explosions. People call their friends to make sure, watch TV to learn more about what happened, how it happened, etc, zapping between local tv and CNN.

My personnal concern goes more directly to the beach. I have no real conscience of what's going on, or don't want to have it, so I guess I'll just head for the beach during my "lunch break" or whenever, it's just a 10mn walk from our small appartment on Ben Yehuda street, in the north of the city.

I am under the impression that the design concept we have defined is pretty strong, very telling, but that the object we have derived from it lacks some kind of "edginess".

Below is a traffic light that was hacked by some artist as the result of a collective action upon traffic lights. I find the project quite inspiring, even if this particular result might not live to our expectations. But what exactly do we expect from design? Unexpectedness ???


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