25 August 2004

My Top 14 of the ISEA 2004 experience:

The old town looks like an Italian sunny city where time stops by.

~Hanging around with the girls, Arianna and Valentina
It was nice to spend some quality time with them, away from the lab: we had a lot of fun!

~A discussion with Janique Laudouar
It made me think of many things: the importance of awareness of media art history, the link of the RAW project with the notion of authorship empowerment, etc. She asked very interesting questions about my work and made me talk a lot!

~The French Rendez-vous on the boat
I already mentioned it: it was nice to catch up with the French media art community. It made me homesick... It was a great initiative of Anne Roquiny. I enjoyed meeting her. She has this beautiful smile.

~The cruise
A 700 people huis-clos: only interesting things can happen.

~Erkki Huhtamo's keynote
So close to my research (at least while I was doing my DEA) but yes, I want to write again about it. He inspires me.

~A dinner at the Stringberg restaurant, Helsinki with Stefan
The food was amazing, the service impeccable and it was just a nice evening altogether.

~The piña colada at Kappeli, Helsinki
What to say about it, except that we probably went to Kappeli every evening that we had available in Helsinki just to get that cocktail over and over again. Just a tip: one of their piña colada is enough for the evening. Two is really too much. The best thing to follow it with is a Mojito!

~Meeting Atau tanaka and seeing his performance with Cécile Babiole at Club BonBon, Tallin
I enjoyed meeting Atau, he has done many many great things but he's very humble about it - this was rather refreshing.

~The scent installation at Kiasma, Helsinki
This installation was not part of the curated ISEA show but it was the best on display anyway. A series fof 30 jars of different sizes and colors were displayed on a diagonal. They were each covered with a carboard paper, and as you would lift it up, you could smell the content of each jar. I traveled 30 times around the world, in the past and the present back and forth, within 15 minutes.

~The "Who owns our (software) culture" talk
Miller Puckette (Pure Data) and Casey Reas (Processing) were both talking and made interesting points in a very very different style. But the audience was very involved in the talk as well and it was just great to be there and take part in a subject that felt at the heart of our work.

~The Wearable workshop of Jonah and Katherine
I never got into wearable technology before - this was a great opportunity to broaden my horizon. I thought of many ideas. I worked that day with a woman named Petra. It was a lot of fun. We worked on a dress that your partner whispers to as he/she unzips it...

~The food market by the port, Helsinki
Amazing blueberries and cherries. And deliciously fresh salmon cooked on the spot.

~The Grilli Radio experience, Helsinki
An evening tour was organized that would take you from one "grilli" to the other and the whole experience was broadcasted on the radio (with other food experiences in the world, happening more or less at the same time). Oh yes, the "grilli" is a traditional Finnish street food stand serving heavy greasy food, at night only, for people who need to set their stomach after drinking too much...

I decided not to write about my down list which is very small after all. Only one word maybe to temper my enthusiasm: Kafka.
It was a lot of joy, laughs and food for thought!

-- Joëlle

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