11 June 2010


Last time I was in London in April, I found a book about book making (!) at Magma that caught my eye. That morning, I had seen a book that a friend made and had published on demand with Blurb as a birthday present. I always had in the back of my mind the project to do a book someday, experimenting the media as an artform. Incidentally, the 2 occurrences in the same day made me realize very suddenly that this project could happen very soon and was fairly accessible. I'm at a stage in my life where I feel towards my artistic practice empty, uninspired and bored most of the time. So every time I get the chance to feel excited or challenged, I usually dive in, whether it's when I meet creative people, when I talk to passionate friends, when I see an eloquent exhibition or when a book manages to strike my imagination. I wonder if I'm not caught in the same process that believers go through when their faith gets shaky (that would be a terrible conclusion to come to actually, for the non-believer that I am).
"Indie Publishing - How to Design and Produce Your Own Book", edited by Ellen Lupton was a really interesting read in that matter, showing you mostly that with the development of Print-on-demand services, the artist and the designer were freed of many obstacles in order to experiment with the book as a media. Publishing basics are also reminded, which is always useful and every addressed subject comes with real examples, and that's one of the most compelling aspects of the book : it shows the diversity and the richness of independent publishing that goes from DIY to established houses that often started out on a single project.


22 May 2010

Mémoires du travail

In the past few months, I collaborated on an audio-photography project with the non-French speaking class of the collège (junior high) Politzer of Montreuil. The work they did is now exhibited at the Maison Pop until the end of the month. It was an incredible experience to meet and spend time with these kids that come from all over the world and that start a new life in France with their families. The high point of the workshops we did was a morning that we spent in a residential home for aged people where they interviewed 4 women on their memories of work. What stroke me the most was to hear about the pleasure these women took in their jobs, that they often started when they were 14 or 15 years old.
The project was first launched by Jocelyne Quélo, who invited me to join as an artist, Laurence Ryf who's the amazing kids teacher participated as well, and Vincent Roudant collaborated on the technical aspects.


12 May 2010

The blow of graphic ads

Spotted in Paris's subway station Strasbourg St-Denis : a very graphic ad for Leader Price (a hard discount chain). It seemed to me very random as I haven't seen the poster anywhere else, and the company hasn't launched any ad campaign these days that I know of. I'm not even mentioning how it doesn't really fit their image. Which is why I was really happy to come across it. It's daring and refreshing... (usually hard discount ads are about cheap background and font colors, with products and prices thrown to your face).

22 March 2010

Design for Space

A couple of years ago, I attended a workshop about inbetweeness conducted at the Bartlett school of architecture by Arianna Bassoli, Johanna Brewer and Karen Martin.
I read about a project today that reminds me of the themes that were addressed then. Artist Julien Prévieux and students of a technical graduating program in space design worked in the MAC/VAL museum to build substitution furniture for "missing" spaces in their high-school : private places for discussion, work or social activities..